Creating a video wall

Imagine giving an audience or community the opportunity to send videos that automatically "pin" themselves in on a wall and whose sources you can access in full quality.

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One of the most obvious limitations of YouTube and the like is the impossibility of setting up a video collection for an event, such as a show, a wedding, a competition or a contest.

Imagine, for example, that a simple Internet address allows any spectator / subscriber / co-worker / competitor... to send videos that are added to an album, or pinned to a video wall : the last video added appears first.

In the Streamlike solutions catalogue, this "webApp" is called StreamWall. As each need is different, this webApp is highly configurable:

  • visually first: its design in your colours is very simple
  • functionally, you can choose several authorization modes, both in terms of contribution and consultation : 
    • free access, 
    • access with username + e-mail (and verification of the e-mail), 
    • access after creating an account with a username + password,
    • authenticated access via your internal directory
  • For example, you can require the creation of a user account to send videos but leave the consultation free.
  • functionally still, you can decide to moderate the videos before they are displayed on the wall. In this case, a notification is sent to a validator who may or may not authorize the posting online
  • If you do not perform moderation a priori, the video player can include a report button, which will alert you to any potentially inappropriate content, informing you about the nature of the problem.
  • From a legal perspective, you can insert conditions of use to be validated, for example to obtain the video author's authorization for the intended use.

The interface of the "Wall" is "responsive". Videos are displayed as nested and automatically organized thumbnails.

One of the advantages of StreamWall is that you can retrieve videos in full quality, without upstream compression as happens on social networks (Facebook, Whatsapp etc...). The counterpart is the need to have a good internet connection, 4G or Wifi, when sending. During an event, it may be necessary to set up a broadband access point.

Having video sources in full quality makes it possible to use them as source footage for edits. For example you can use them to tell a wedding from several points of view, to build a report on a corporate event or to build a promotional film based on customer testimonies collected at widespread points of sale.

What better way to summarize the concept in less than a minute than with a video ?

Enough explanations. See for yourself..

The StreamWall presentation page includes a link to a demo from which you can send videos by creating an account.

On the occasion of the Versailles Regattas which were sponsored by Streamlike, a StreamWall was set up, for visitors to "write on the video wall". The winter weather and the virtual absence of a network connection meant that the number of contributions was very small. Nevertheless, you can observe the result here : 

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