• Experts in online video

    for the use of companies and communities

  • Our brands

    Two brands to differentiate our technological solution and our service offer.

    Discover Streamlike

    Publisher and operator of professional media management platforms

    A French technology, prestigious references, a solution designed to meet the real needs of companies, local authorities and large organizations.

    Discover La Stream Team

    Partner of your digital transformation through video

    A dedicated team to help you get started and build your online video project. We help you work out your specifications and create your prototypes.

  • Our values

    We're proud of our technology, but you may not choose us for it.

    Committed to responsible streaming

    Measuring the environmental impact of our activity has been an early concern for Mediatech. Building on the work of the Shift Project, Mediatech has integrated into Streamlike a measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to media delivery, which is a first for a streaming platform. Mediatech has also chosen to plant forests in France to offset the carbon emissions of its clients.

    A "made in France" platform

    Streamlike is about 500,000 lines of code written by Mediatech's technical team. All the platform's evolutions are dictated by the needs expressed by our customers: a lot of originality and innovation for productivity and efficiency, but no "gadget" functionalities that nobody will use.

    A culture of customer satisfaction

    Mediatech is a "crew", a "team", a "Stream Team" in which all employees are also shareholders of the company. It is also a group of loyal partners/providers who share the taste for work well done. Customer satisfaction is our main motivation. To deserve it, we promise less and deliver more.

  • Contact

    74 route de Sartrouville, 78230 Le Pecq, FRANCE
    Lun-Ven 9h-18h
    (+33) 1 39 12 18 26
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