• The best way to send videos

    Streamailer is an emailing solution centered on a main media (webcam recording, video, audio, live or Streamout), to which other media can be associated.
    The whole thing is organized in a page with your corporate colors.

  • Some use cases

    When it comes to sending videos and the presentation of the message matters...


    Sending a selection of videos to deliver complete information to a client or prospect


    Sharing with an internal workgroup of secure videos and documents


    Invitation to watch a live or simulcast event (StreamOut)


    Personalized response to a support or assistance request, accompanied by explanatory videos

  • Structure of a Streamail

    The Streamail includes a rich text message, a main media, associated media, and possible attachments. It includes configurable skin elements: logo, background color, etc.
    Reading the Streamail sends to a static page ("landing page") that can be secured. This page allows the recipient to reply directly to the message.


    A promotional clip accompanied by a demonstration video, a tutorial, customer testimonials, etc. The main message can be recorded on webcam for even more personalization.

    Main media

    The main media can be created or chosen in 3 ways:

    • by direct recording (webcam)
    • by upload
    • by selection from your Streamlike catalog

    Media created by direct recording or upload can be secured. The security status of the selected media in your Streamlike catalog cannot be changed by Streamailer.

    Associated media

    Associated media can be of 4 types:

    • video
    • audio
    • live
    • Streamout

    PDF documents can also be attached to a Streamail.

    Media selection

    The application offers a search and filtering tool to quickly find the media to attach to your Streamail. Your selections can be saved for easy reuse.


    The administration interface allows you to know who opened and/or read the message, when, which media were played and in which proportions.
    The playback analytics are presented globally and by recipient: percentage of viewing / listening, replay, duration of playback, etc.

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