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Rich interfaces

Customizable and responsive WebTV

Gather your media in one place, organize your online media library, with channels and a search engine. Control your webTV very easily from the Streamlike console.

Collaborative video platform

Build your “corporate YouTube” to allow your employees to publish, share and comment videos that will be visible only internally. Discover its many uses and benefits for marketing, training or cohesion in the company.

Live streaming (or simulcasting)

Live streaming

Broadcast your events live on your websites and social networks, from a single stream that will adapt to all media (smartphones, PCs, tablets…) and all connection speeds.

TV reinvented (Included in the Streamlike basic package)

Organize the media in your Streamlike account to create TV (or radio) programs that everyone can watch at the same time, on any device.

Give your live shows, StreamOuts or videos a voice

Make your live shows interactive, create threads and reveal the opinions or questions most shared by your audience.


Send media by email (Included in the Streamlike basic package)

Streamailer is an emailing solution focused on a main media (webcam recording, video, audio, live or Streamout), to which other media can be associated.

Create a watch on videos published on Twitter (Included in the Streamlike basic package)

Monitor and archive what’s being broadcast about your brand, your industry, your competitors… or a hashtag.

Collaborative video annotation

To collect feedback on your video while it’s being produced, StreamNote replaces both sending large files and exchanging emails for greater efficiency. Annotate footage directly and respond to comments without ever sending files.

Integration Tools (Included in the Streamlike Basic Package)

To enable your business application to communicate with your media platform, Streamlike has a standardized, secure REST programming interface for back-end integration, and powerful webservices for front-end use.


Cold storage of large files and generation of download links.

Our formulas : SaaS mode or private mode


— Streamlike in SaaS mode

  • Subscribe to packs with decreasing prices according to your storage and data transfer needs.
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— Streamlike in private mode

We build a platform according to your specifications, security requirements and expected service level. Annual subscription to the managed service. StreamCloud offers all Streamlike services, API, applications, but in private mode. No more hosting, operation or supervision worries: we manage your Cloud platform and guarantee its performance.

Subscribe to optional services

Customizable rich interfaces (webTV), chat and collaborative video annotation applications, cold storage service for large files…

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Subscribe to an annual package of hours for all user support, training, consulting, development, specification writing, project management, prototyping and more. Online media is our business. We help you make the most of it in yours.

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