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Stop sending large files and exchanging e-mail. Have your pre-edits annotated online.
StreamNote is a collaborative video annotation tool designed to collect feedback on a program in production stage.

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How does it work?

  • An administrator creates user accounts and projects.
  • A project = a video to annotate.
  • Connected users access projects that are assigned to them. They can add comments at any time during video playback or respond to existing comments.
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Individual vs. Collaborative Mode

  • In individual mode, each user sees only their own comments and those of the administrator.
  • In collaborative mode, all users see everyone’s comments.
  • A project can be initiated in individual mode and then switched to collaborative mode.
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Sequence Search

  • A filter is used to isolate comments from a particular user or those including a specific term.
  • By clicking on a comment the video is positioned on the relevant sequence.
  • Displaying a mosaic of thumbnails makes it possible to visually search for a sequence and reach it immediately.
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  • Video playback can be slowed down or accelerated (from 0.25x to 4x).
  • If the video has chapters or subtitles, they are visible and can be commented on.

StreamNote is part of a set of solutions meant for production companies

  • Streamlike allows you to organize accounts by project or client and to grant different levels of user rights. By depositing a video on the Streamlike platform, it is made available for consultation without downloading.
  • Streamlike videos can be enriched with chapters, subtitles or clickable images using built-in tools.
  • The Streamlike Player shows at a glance the content of any video, in the form of an interactive mosaic
  • An application makes it possible to generate secure single-use links, that are far more secure than sending a link and password via e-mail!
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Try StreamNote

Practice annotating a video using “demo” as your username and password. The comments in this demo are reset every night.

Parlez-nous de votre projet et demandez-nous une démonstration

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