With StreamLive, live streaming
offers nothing but benefits

Stream live to broaden the audience for your presentations or to reduce the travel and logistics required for a face-to-face event. Then replay on demand.

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  • Simple and immediate to implement
  • A high-speed Internet connection is all you need.
  • Only one upload stream
  • A smartphone is enough to stream live!
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  • Universal audio or video streaming: on computers, tablets, smartphones…
  • Stream on your website and on Facebook
  • HTTP streaming, not blocked by firewalls
  • From a few dozen to several thousand people connected simultaneously
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Enriched experience

  • Enhance with chats (StreamChat, for example), LiveTweets, Facebook comments…
  • Immediate replay and archiving
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Sécurité et analyse

  • Security and confidentiality of internal streams.
  • Simple to monetize by charging for access.
  • Real-time analytics and consolidated reports.

When to stream live?

Live streaming is interesting when it comes to simultaneously reaching a widespread audience that cannot be brought together or is difficult to mobilize. It allows to capitalize on an event that was broadcast live, by offering it on-demand later on.

What to stream?

  • Shows,
  • Debates,
  • Press conferences,
  • Courses and seminars,
  • Forums,
  • Sporting and cultural events,
  • Corporate Communication,
  • Crisis communication,
  • Product launches …
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Tell us about your project and ask for a demonstration

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