StreamTV : your media library, your image

Streamlike allows you to categorize and describe your media; Stream TV displays them in an online media library to your colors.

Compose your channels. Make them available at any time, on all screens and all networks.

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StreamTV is a managed service: we host and maintain it for you.

Several basic models are available:

  • webTV
  • video gallery
  • video page
  • TV screen

An editor lets you configure and customize numerous parameters.

StreamTVs can play either audio or video media.

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All StreamTVs are provided with a URL so that they can be shared or integrated into a site as an iframe.

Advanced customization is possible :

  • interface modification
  • authenticated access
  • creation of user accounts
  • publication of videos by users
  • comments on videos
  • chat integration
  • paid access
  • etc.

The WebTV ​

Responsive, multi-channel, multilingual interface.

This is the most complete media library, with a home page, a search results page, a video page (with associated videos) and a page that can be activated to host a StreamLive or StreamOut.

The gallery

Responsive, single-channel, multilingual interface.

When a video is selected, the player expands to the top of the list or overlays it.

The Video Page

Responsive, mono-media, multilingual interface.

Video information is displayed next to or below the video, with all action buttons activated: share, download video, download attachment, etc.

Player can be enlarged in “theater” mode

The TV screen

Widescreen display for true or false live feeds.


Customize the interface to your colors and choose the options best suited for your needs :

  • Editorial highlighting,
  • Sharing on social networks,
  • Display of the number of views,
  • etc.

Choose your address and we will host your StreamTV.


From your Streamlike account,

  • Submit media (audio or video),
  • Organize them by channels (categories),
  • Describe them, enrich them,
  • Choose what should be visible or not.

The content of your StreamTV reflects at all times what you have chosen to make public


  • Categories and subcategories (channels / playlists),
  • Sort by date, views, ratings, votes, duration …
  • Integrated search engine,
  • Highlighting content in a carousel and a home page,
  • Playback in classic or « mosaic » mode,
  • Management of public or private content (requiring authentication),
  • SAML v2 integration for single-sign-on
  • Activation of chapters, subtitles and interactive annotations,
  • Suggestion of associated media,
  • Sharing on social networks.

Tell us about your project and ask for a demonstration

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