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Web services

Designed for maximum performance in frontend playback, they are the basis of any webTV. Web services allow you to know everything about the content of a playlist or the properties of an audio or video media. Their use can be secured.

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The Streamlike API

Based on a REST architecture, it is intended for backend reading or writing, when security takes precedence over performance. Everything that can be done via the Streamlike console, such as adding, editing or deleting videos, can be done by a third party application via the API.

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Before an application can access the service, it must call the API authorization url, providing a login, password and certificate. If the authorization is accepted, a token is sent back, allowing access to the service functions. The client application can then query the API by referencing the token and access the full functionality of the Streamlike backend.

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Javascript API

The Streamlike player also has an API that allows to control a media by program : play, pause, play speed, volume, move to a timecode…

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