3 good reasons to choose Streamlike,
an eco-responsible video host

Streamlike is a complete solution to host video, web tv and podcasts, dedicated to professionals and corporations.

Professional video hosting

You manage a company or a community, and you want to offer video training, internal presentations or build a digital media library where your employees can find directly what they need about your activity? Are you looking for an alternative to YouTube? Streamlike offers professional solutions that will allow you to create your own social media, a web TV (a StreamTV), a StreamChat and many other features and applications.

In 2021, everything goes very fast, we listen to a podcast or an audio book while driving to work, we prefer to watch a tutorial than to open a user manual, that’s why it’s essential to be able to broadcast videos and audio contents. But for professionals, digital social networking platforms are not always the most suitable, so it is crucial to choose a private broadcasting channel that only you and your teams have control over, where no one but you can edit or delete content and choose the broadcast modes and frequencies. With StreamTube, you decide everything! From the graphic design to the smallest features. You are the editor and the moderator of your channel, so no slip-ups are possible and you control the broadcast (live, replay, recordings), the flow of your publications and who watches your content.

Digital sobriety: an eco-responsible digital philosophy

If you are concerned about the environment and your consumption patterns and if you want to run your business in a responsible and ecological way, you might like the following.

Did you know that streaming, downloads (music, games, videos) will soon represent 80% of the world’s digital traffic? Streamlike is committed to a responsible and cleaner digital world by broadcasting your content without unnecessary energy waste, and with a minimum negative impact on the environment. Indeed, it is now known that behind the terms cloud, email, online video etc. lies a power consumption related to storage and delivery that weighs almost 3.7% of the global volume of greenhouse gases. As a signatory of the « Planet tech’Care » manifesto, Streamlike offers tools to measure your GHG and carbon impact. By learning to control your energy consumption, you will rethink the way you deliver content and do it more appropriately through eco-design and digital sobriety. It’s also important to know that Streamlike’s datacenter, which is a green datacenter, is located in Belgium and its electricity comes only from renewable energy, with an adjacent solar power plant in particular. Furthermore, our video platform offsets the carbon emissions of its customers by planting trees to sequester the C02.

An innovative video platform

The Streamlike video hosting service offers ultra powerful and simple tools for an optimal experience.

StreamLive, which allows you to post videos in live broadcast and replay at will, can be an interesting option to reduce the travel of your teams by offering meetings and video presentations in live broadcast and replay. All you need is a smartphone and a broadband internet connection to post live!

StreamChat gives your users the possibility to communicate live and share opinions and thoughts by creating a discussion thread. Easy to integrate (iframe code) and responsive, Streamchat is fully customizable.

StreamWall allows your community to share videos, like for example readers of a newspaper to post filmed classified ads. Streamlike offers many other features and secure applications, via different connections like intranet, web. You can choose to use it privately, for your internal departments, or shared to exchange and interact with your different partners. Thus, you can configure and customize a StreamTV which is a media library with public, private or paid access. The platform also makes its API and applications available to your webmaster and developers, as well as analysis reports to study your audience and the most listened and watched broadcasts. Finally you are never alone, a support service assures you of its advice and with the blog you stay connected and aware of the latest trends in digital audio-visual and how to host your video. With a single account you can register as many users as you want.

With Streamlike you have the guarantee of quality services, simple to implement, a digital platform with all the current marketing communication tools to transmit and share your values. By controlling the flow of your stream and their impact on the environment you show the best face of your company with personalized and attractive formats for all media.