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About Mediatech

When it was founded in 2004, Mediatech first became known for its online audiovisual media testing tool. The technical challenge was to stream video while adapting to the available bandwidth and without being blocked by corporate firewalls. At that time, broadband was in its infancy, several video technologies were competing, each requiring the installation of a specific program (plugin).

In 2007, Mediatech created Streamlike based on the video streaming engine designed for Medianalyst Online. This pioneering service is offered to companies that want to facilitate and secure access to their media. Peugeot, Alstom Louis Vuitton and AREVA (now ORANO) are immediately interested.

Listening to its corporate customers, Streamlike is constantly improving and completing its solutions for ever more ergonomics and productivity. The version 5 of the platform is one of the most advanced technological offers on the market. It has been designed around useful and essential functionalities, without gimmicks or superfluous features. The infrastructure is robust, resilient, adaptive, efficient, but also sober and reasonable: Streamlike has chosen not to multiply the computing power to reduce encoding times or to perform exotic transcodings that will only be usable on rare versions of Internet browsers.

A committed and responsible company

Responsible streaming is a value shared by the entire Mediatech team, which questioned the Shift Project early on about the environmental impact of streaming. Since the beginning of 2020, Streamlike integrates a measurement of the GHG emissions linked to data transfers and proposes solutions to reduce them. The carbon equivalent emitted is sequestered through reforestation. The chosen solutions can be discussed and their effect remains symbolic, but faced with the climate emergency, Mediatech has chosen to act modestly without waiting rather than relying on others or postponing the action.

A good green solution is above all a good solution that is green.

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Our brands

Two brands to differentiate our technological solution and our service offer.

Professional media management platforms

A French technology, prestigious national references, a solution designed to meet the real needs of companies, communities and large organizations.

Accompanying your digital transformation
though video

video path. We help you refine your specifications and create your prototypes, with packages that include technical resources and coaching time.

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