StreamOut : television reinvenetd

Organize the media in your Streamlike account to create TV or radio programs that everyone will watch at the same time, across all media.

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Remote controlled digital signage

  • Create programs for display in horizontal or vertical mode
  • Stream audio or video media
  • Broadcast on a large screen, without a computer, via a media player (e.g. a Chromecast key)
  • Select the videos you want to broadcast using keywords, tags and playlists from your catalog and build your grid.
  • Integrate live ranges
  • Modify your programming (StreamOut) in real time from the Streamlike console
  • Display a QR code so that your audience can continue to watch your channel on a phone.
  • Integrate your StreamOut on your site, as if it was a live video, and add a chat (StreamChat, for example)
  • Secure your broadcast (by IP, by referrer, by token)
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How does it work?

As soon as navigation is stopped on a terminal, data transmission stops. This means that even if you offer 24/7 streaming, data is only transmitted when a device requests it.

StreamOut allows simultaneous broadcasting throughout the world, without any special equipment, but to broadcast the same program on several screens in the same place, you will need to connect them together or set up a proxy.

Practically speaking

A StreamOut integrates into your sites and applications like a normal video. Many playback configurations can be applied to it (logo display, security, subtitles, black-band-free mode, broadcast bitrate limitation etc.) but it is not possible to interact with the stream, just like on TV. You control what everyone sees at the same time.

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