• Streamlike, the first carbon neutral enterprise video platform

    Carbon neutral Enterprise Video Platform, by Mediatech.
    Promoter of responsible streaming through eco-design, digital sobriety, GHG metering and reforestation.

  • A professional solution you can trust

    Media are your company’s digital assets. You must maintain control over these assets and valorize them.

  • Centralization and Organization

    • Grouping of media on a single platform, whatever the distribution: intranet, web, social networks...
    • Media classification and indexing for efficient search and for feeding web TVs

    Universality, Optimization and Eco-design

    • Live and on-demand streaming or podcasting, suitable for all terminals and networks
    • Bandwidth-efficient broadcasting for internal networks and adaptive quality at the network and terminal level
    • Solutions for more digital sobriety

    Integration, Interfaces and Enrichment

    • Tools available to webmasters and developers (API and webservices), to integrate your media into your website or business application.
    • Out-of-the-box applications for creating webTVs, podcast streams or private collaborative video platforms
    • Enrichment with chapters, subtitles or interactive annotations

    Control, Users and Traceability

    • Several levels of secure distribution, depending on the context
    • Management of user rights levels for editing or publishing
    • Detailed audience reports for each media and for the entire catalog

  • How does it work ?

    You could be up & running today ...

    A need = a formula

    Contact us to describe your need and receive a tailor-made proposal. Choose an annual pack "media management + data transfer" or a formula based on your consumption without any commitment on volume or duration.

    Opening the account

    We create your account and you create as many users as you want. You are up & running!

    Aim higher

    We can train your teams, accompany your web agency or your integrators or customize applications according to your wishes. Our online support will always be available for you.

  • SaaS vs. Private

    Two options to accomodate your constraints or IT requirements

    Shared SaaS solution

    A guaranteed quality of service

    Streamlike offers all the features of a professional audio and video platform: management of user rights, publication workflow, playback control, modification, sharing ... categorization and enhancement of content (transcoding, enrichment, optimized distribution), and playback analytics.
    The shared platform is designed to offer maximum quality of service and to continuously adapt to changing processing, storage or distribution needs.
    Even though Streamlike is very easy to use, a help desk answers all questions from users.

    StreamLike in private mode

    The benefits of a managed solution on your internal network

    StreamCloud offers all the services of Streamlike, its API, its applications, but in private mode. No more hosting, operating or supervision concerns: we manage your cloud platform and guarantee its performance. Connected to your internal network, StreamCloud lets you associate your own URLs with your media.

  • Functions and Uses

    Solutions for communication, marketing, training, knowledge sharing ...

  • STreamlive, liove streaming solution

    Live Streaming

    Broadcast your events live on your sites AND your social networks, from a single stream that adapts to all screens (smartphones, PCs, tablets) and all connection speeds.

    Streamtube, collaborative video platform

    Collaborative Video Platform

    Build your "corporate YouTube" to allow your employees to publish, share and comment videos that will only be visible internally. Discover its many uses and benefits for marketing, training or employee motivation.

    Streamtv, customizable and responsive webtv

    Customizable and Responsive WebTV

    Gather your media in one place, organize your online media library, with channels and a search engine. Manage your webTV very easily from the Streamlike console.

    STreamout, television reinvented

    Television reinvented

    Organize the media in your Streamlike account to create TV or radio programs that everyone will watch at the same time, on any device.

    Streamailer, the best way to send videos

    Media e-mailing

    Streamailer is an emailing solution centered on a main media (webcam recording, video, audio, live or Streamout), to which other media can be associated.

    Streamwatch, create a watch on twitter videos

    Create a watch on Twitter videos

    Monitor and archive what is being broadcast about your brand, industry, competitors... or a hashtag.

    Streamnote, collaborative annotation of videos

    Collaborative Annotation of Videos

    To collect feedback on your media during production, StreamNote replaces both the transfer of heavy files and email exchange, for greater efficiency. Annotate the sequences directly and respond to comments, without ever sending files.

    Streamchat, open your media to discussion

    Let your live feeds, StreamOuts or videos do the talking

    Add an instant messenger to make live chat interactive, create discussion threads and reveal the opinions or questions most shared by your audience.

    Streamwall, video upload and display

    Video Upload & Display Web-App

    Collect videos sent by your correspondents, customers, subscribers or visitors and display them with or without moderation in a dynamic video gallery, with open or authenticated access.

    Streamapi, integration tools

    Integration Tools

    Streamailer is an e-mailing solution centered on a main media (webcam recording, video, audio, live or Streamout), to which other media can be associated.

  • The StreamBlog

    Some selected info on the world of online video

  • Our commitment to the environment

    Streamlike is the only platform that measures your greenhouse gas emissions, helps you reduce them, and plants forests to absorb these emissions.

    Measure your GHG emissions

    for your carbon footprint

    Streamlike is the only streaming platform that counts your GHG emissions on a daily basis.

    We capture your carbon

    by planting forests

    Streamlike has trees planted to sequester the carbon equivalent emitted by all its clients.

    Streamlike is a signatory to the Planet Tech'Care Manifesto and is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology.

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