Video & audio hosting and streaming platform

 For large corporations, small businesses, government agencies, local authorities, public services, associations…

 Gather and organize your organization’s audio and video content, to stay in control.

  Stream live or on-demand in a secure and eco-friendly way.

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Why choose Streamlike ?

A platform, applications and services designed to meet the needs and requirements of organizations of any size.

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A platform to centralize and organize your media content and manage your users

  • Regroup of your media on a single platform
  • Organize and index your media for efficient search and for feeding your applications and webTVs
  • Enrich your content with chapters, subtitles and interactive annotations
  • Live or on-demand broadcasting, bandwidth-efficient, adapted to all networks and terminals
  • Audience analytics in real time
  • Content security 
  • User rights management
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Integration tools, connectors, API and configurable, rich interfaces

  • Ready-to-deploy webtvs and applications
  • API and Webservices available to developers for media integration with your site or applications
  • Configurable media player that can be controled by external events
  • SSO (single sign-on) integration for seamless login to your account and webTVs
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A team to support your developers and users

  • Real humans answer questions quickly on the online help desk
  • A premium support service allows you to benefit from a dedicated contact person who knows you and talks to your technical providers
  • Premium support is the assurance of immediate availability to respond to any need for assistance, training, integration, optimization of your account or recommendation of best practices.

What makes us unique

Expertise, proximity and responsible streaming


Our platform has been developed from the start to meet the specific needs of organizations


Our expert team supports your digital transformation through video

Responsible streaming

A good green solution is above all a good solution that is green.

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Our offers in SaaS or private mode

Streamlike offers you a complete managed solution to organize and broadcast your media on the Internet, in SaaS or PaaS mode according to your IT constraints or requirements.

1. The Streamlike Platform

— The features

  • Audio and video hosting
  • Upload and Transcoding
  • Organization, indexing
  • Metadata
  • Archiving
  • Enrichment
  • Security
  • Player customization
  • Adaptive live or on-demand streaming to any device
  • Solutions for more digital sobriety
  • Sharing on social networks, cross-publishing.
  • Integration tools: API, web services, SDK
  • Detailed analytics, global and by media
  • Measurement and totalization of GHG emissions
  • User rights management
  • SSO login
  • Simulcasting, synchronized broadcasting for dynamic display
  • Send videos by email
  • Video watch on Twitter
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— Streamlike in SaaS mode

  • Subscribe to packages with decreasing rates according to your storage and data transfer needs.
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— Streamlike in private mode

We build your platform according to your specifications, your security requirements and the expected service level. Annual subscription to the managed service. StreamCloud offers all Streamlike services, API, applications, but in private mode. No more hosting, operation or supervision worries: we manage your Cloud platform and guarantee its performance.

2. Subscribe to optional services

Customizable rich interfaces (webTV), chat and collaborative video annotation applications, cold storage service for large files…

3. Get assistance

Subscribe to an annual package of hours for all user assistance, training, consulting, development, specification writing, project management, prototyping etc.
Online media is our business. We help you make the most of it in yours.

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Streamlike applications and services included or optional

Streamlike allows you to create, share and collaborate anywhere with a suite of applications and services.

Rich Interfaces


  • Customizable and configurable WebTV
  • Possibility of restricted access, content security, single sign-on


  • Collaborative platform with social features
  • Secure content
  • User management or single sign-on

Live broadcasting (or simulcasting)


  • Live and replay
  • Real time analytics, security
  • CDN relay


  • Simulcasting (fake live)
  • Mixing of pre-recorded and live elements in a program schedule
  • Dynamic display


  • Multiple modes of discussion and moderation



  • Sending emails enriched with videos
  • Tracking of consultation statistics


  • Collaborative video annotation


  • AREST API and SDK for integrating Streamlike into business solutions and applications


  • Cold storage of large files and generation of download links

(*) Included in the Streamlike basic offer

Our references

Some examples of Streamlike users in various industries and for various purposes

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Tell us about your project and ask for a demonstration

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Our commitment to the environment

At Streamlike, we believe that it is better to make the distributors responsible than to make the users feel guilty. We believe in the power of example. We consider that we should not neglect any immediate gesture towards more sobriety (more about digital sobriety). Against global warming, we should not oppose solutions according to their impact nor wait to have indisputable measures. Everything counts.
Digital technology will not be carbon neutral in 2050 if we do not act today.

If you share our values, we suggest you :

To track the GHG emissions related to your streaming thanks to a measure developed with the Shift Project, and to integrate them into your CSR reporting.

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To apply the technical solutions and the good practices of ecodesign (our practical guide) that we recommend for more sobriety. By reducing your consumption, you reduce both your costs and your GHG emissions.

To claim a ZEN (Zero Emissions Net) stream because we plant forests in France with Ecotree to sequester the carbon equivalent emitted by all our customers.

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Le logo Planet Tech'Care

Streamlike is a signatory of the Planet Tech'Care manifesto and is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology

Streamlike is a Mediatech brand

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