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A turnkey eco-responsible AVOD platform

Streamlike and ViewPay have joined forces to offer a VOD platform combined with an innovative monetization solution that gives you total control over your content and your revenues. (AVOD = Advertising Video On Demand)

From cost reduction to profit generation

Streamlike is an eco-responsible video hosting platform that offers “Zero Net Emission” broadcasting and promotes responsible streaming.

ViewPay is a monetization solution that makes access to content conditional on the viewing of a chosen film, thus improving acceptance of the advertising message and insuring better monetization.

The combination of these two solutions makes it possible to build eco-responsible AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand) platforms for which the publisher can either use an advertising network or manage the monetization of his content himself.

The economic benefits of this combination are

  • for a publisher, to generate revenues that can easily exceed platform costs, through the sale of particularly high-quality advertising space.
  • for an advertising network, to create new online offers or expand its inventory.

I create a video platform and use an advertising network to monetize it.

  • You organize your content on your Streamlike space and decide which of them to monetize. For example, you can monetize all your videos, or only those over a certain length, or the most recent, etc.
  • When a user views a monetized video, ViewPay offers them 3 options for choosing which ad they’d like to watch to access the video. Clicking on the advertisement takes them to the advertiser’s website, or else to the advertiser’s program.

I create a video platform and market its advertising

  • You host and manage your content and your advertisers’ advertising videos on the same eco-responsible platform.
  • You can add or modify advertising films at any time, organize them into campaigns, assign them validity dates, consult their broadcasting statistics, and more. Naturally, you also decide which videos will be monetized.
  • When a surfer views a monetized video, ViewPay offers a choice of 3 ads that you’ve made active for that campaign.

I’m an advertising agency and I’m proposing a new offer to my advertisers

Finding advertisers is a job! An advertising network knows how to identify companies and offer them a “targeted” audience likely to be interested in its products or services.

The content of an AVOD platform is aimed at a population whose socio-demographic characteristics, interests or location are generally known. For example, the video platform that a city makes available to its sports associations will reach sports-loving parents and children who consume in and around the city: a godsend for a local advertising agency!

An AVOD platform gives a local or specialized advertising agency the opportunity to expand its inventory and create coupled offers. For example: “cinema + web advertising” or “radio + web advertising”. In the case of local cinema agencies, marketing an AVOD inventory is all the easier as the films already exist, and additional exposure helps to make their production profitable.

Example of a selection of ads to watch before accessing a tutorial:

High-quality advertising space

  • is chosen, not imposed, which guarantees that it will be viewed with greater interest, even though no profiling cookies are used.
  • The ad must be short (ideally, less than 15s). It will be viewed at 100% because it cannot be interrupted.
  • The presence of advertising is well accepted, as it allows free consultation of content that would normally have to be paid for, or justifies the service’s being free.
  • Advertising rates can be high, as the audience is highly targeted, either by the nature of the platform’s content or by its local interest. Campaigns can be priced at a flat rate for the duration of exposure.
  • If you sell your space, you can also charge your advertisers for the creation of video ads.
  • The hosting and distribution of both content and advertising is eco-responsible: eco-design and digital sobriety are maximized, and equivalent GHG emissions are offset.

How does it work?

  • Content (audio or video) is organized in a Stream TV. There can be several “channels”, the possibility of sending videos and a multitude of configuration options.
  • Content can be secured so that it can only be viewed on the platform.
  • The platform can offer both free-access and monetized content.
  • On the Streamlike space hosting the advertising films, all you have to do is indicate a validity period, upload a cover image with the advertiser’s message and enter the click-to-action address. It is even possible to define textual information to be superimposed on the video, so that it can be easily modified without having to produce a new film (e.g. to update promotional codes, dates of sales operations, etc.).
  • When an advertisement is to be proposed, ViewPay will search for 3 different advertisers’ films among all the active ads, and propose a choice to the surfer.

Here are a few examples of use cases, combining content types and advertiser types:

Content providersAdvertisers
Sports clubs (reports and broadcasts of training sessions and competitions)Local shops and services, local business news (sponsors of sports clubs)
Trade show and conference organizers, professional groups… (live or recorded broadcasts of conferences, workshops, webinars) Exhibitors and partners
Video classifieds (real estate, automotive, employment, miscellaneous…)Real estate agencies, car garages, recruiters…
Collaborative WebTVs from local authorities (economic and community news)Local shops and services, local business news
Event-based video contestsContest sponsors

A POC to help you understand

We’ve put together a “Proof Of Concept” with the help of, a website offering complete training courses for DTP and video editing software. Tutorials are normally available by subscription.

We have provided access to a selection of the most emblematic tutorials, in return for reading fictitious advertisements, for illustrative purposes only. This POC is therefore a showcase site offering tutorials free of charge, as an incentive to purchase the full training courses.

[ Go to online site (French) ]

If you’re interested in this concept, if you’d like to set up an advertising-supported VOD platform, contact us!

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