Become an ambassador for responsible streaming

Streamlike offers its services to responsible streaming ambassadors, so that they can fulfill their environmental commitments.

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The health crisis does not facilitate action against the environmental emergency. At Streamlike, we observe that while a majority of companies want to practice more responsible digital technology, their short-term priorities are elsewhere, and the right resolutions are being put off until later.

Therefore, we have decided to offer access to our platform to selected companies, communities and associations, to help them practice a more responsible streaming. They will thus be able to align their actions with their environmental commitment. They will also be able to seize this opportunity to rethink their practices and raise awareness among their employees, members, constituents or customers about the impact of their digital activity.

Lead by example

Beyond the windfall effect, we expect the beneficiaries of this offer to set an example for others to follow and to encourage other organizations to think about the environmental footprint of their digital activity.

They will be ambassadors (or "influencers"?) of responsible streaming and digital sobriety.

We remind you that Streamlike is an eco-designed platform for video management and distribution. Streamlike offers several solutions to reduce the volume of data transported from the datacenter to Internet users and reduce the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. Streamlike is the only platform that accounts for these emissions on a daily basis and plants forests in France to sequester the equivalent of the carbon emitted.

Rethink your streaming

If your organization meets these criteria, and if you would like to practice "low-carbon" streaming at zero cost, contact us!

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