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How your videos avoid Internet traffic jams

The internet is like the road network. You need to know its state in real time to make the right decisions, change your itinerary according to conditions, even if it means extending your travel distance to save time.

Streamlike uses an intelligent routing solution developed by Cloudflare*, called Argo. Just as Waze shows you the best itinerary to take by car by monitoring congested or blocked roads, Argo routes connections across the Internet avoiding packet loss, congestion and outages.

The results are spectacular. Overall, Cloudflare has seen an average 35% decrease in latency, 27% decrease in connection errors and 60% decrease in cache errors across all customers. At Streamlike, the gain in latency is around 50%.

The consequence of this intelligent routing is less bandwidth usage (and therefore less network GHG emissions), but above all an increase in the speed at which content is displayed.

This performance is possible thanks to the 115 points of presence (datacenters) and 6 million domains managed by Cloudflare worldwide. All ISPs and Internet users are required to pass through this network, which provides real-time information on power drops, faults and packet loss around the world.

Cloudflare currently sees about 10% of all HTTP/HTTPS requests on the Internet. Argo Smart Routing uses the latency and packet loss data collected from every request that passes through the network to determine which transit providers are most efficient between any two points on the planet.

The Argo Tiered Cache service provides an additional enhancement to the user experience: When content is not found in the nearest point of presence, it is first requested from the other Cloudflare points of presence before being requested from the Streamlike platform hosted in Belgium. This reduces the load on our platform, increases the cache access rate and improves the end-user experience because the distances between Cloudflare POPs are generally shorter and the paths are faster than between POPs and the Streamlike datacenter.

In addition, all traffic between data centers is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS), which ensures that all traffic passing through Argo is protected against interception, tampering and eavesdropping.

(*) Cloudflare is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) in charge of distributing Streamlike data to end users.

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