Streamlike oEmbed integration in Moodle

Streamlike oEmbed integration in Moodle

This guide provides an overview of how to implement Streamlike video integration in Moodle using the oEmbed protocol.

oEmbed allows you to embed a multimedia resource in a web page by simply pointing to the URL of that resource.

More information about the oEmbed protocol:

Declaration of Streamlike as oEmbed provider

Streamlike must be declared as an oEmbed provider so that it appears in the Moodle filter. To do so, you have to fork the following GitHub repository and add a YML configuration file in the providers directory.

This step is optional as the settings can be configured directly in Moodle.

Moodle configuration

Installing the oEmbed filter

The oEmbed filter for Moodle is available at this address:

The installation procedure is similar to any Moodle plugin installation, i.e. via the plugin directory, via the web administration interface or via an FTP repository on the server:

Once the filter is installed, a settings page appears. You need to uncheck the Lazyload option, as it is not supported by Streamlike, and then save your changes.

Configuration of the oEmbed filter

Next you need to activate Streamlike as a provider in the oEmbed filter.

To do so, go to Administration / Plugins / Filters / oEmbed filter / Manage providers and click on the Show icon (crossed out eye) on the right of the Streamlike instance concerned under the Downloaded providers list.

Be careful that the syntax is respected for the End points option because this can result in a database read error and, consequently, prevent the edition of the oEmbed providers (in case of blocking, you have to uninstall then reinstall the oEmbed filter).

Activating the filtre

The final step is to enable the oEmbed filter on the filter management page (Home / Site administration / Plugins / Filters / Filter management). This can be forced for all courses on the Moodle site (Enabled) or can be done on a case by case basis (Disabled but available), on a per course or per activity level.

When the configuration is complete and the filter is enabled for the desired Moodle instance (site, course, or activity), any hyperlink in a portion of HTML text that links to a Streamlike video URL is converted to a video embed (100% width of the parent container).

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