Capture of the media page in the Streamlike console

Streamlike V5 release

In 13 years, Streamlike had only known 4 major versions. It is usually a matter of adapting to new standards or modernizing the interface. This time, we changed everything from the ground up !

Mediatech is proud to present you the result of 18 months of work: The complete redesign of the application that allows you to manage and distribute your media.

You will inevitably notice the benefits in ergonomics, performance and productivity. Here are some of them:

  • A fully responsive and customizable interface for use on tablets and smartphones
  • Widgets that you can move, reduce or deploy to adapt the interface to your preferences and needs
  • An overview of your media catalogue that you can filter, organize and search instantly, in a few clicks
  • Statistics now calculated in real time, with many new indicators
  • The return of second by second audience graphs and engagement indicators, to understand what interests your audience 
  • A new chapters and subtitles editor, to easily enrich your media
  • New grouped actions for more productivity
  • A new type of organization with “Views”, to aggregate and hierarchize playlists
  • The ability to order your media in a playlist by dragging and dropping
  • Complete documentation integrated into the interface, coupled with online help
  • The ability to define your own user groups by precisely managing their rights
  • Improved management of media synchronization between the Streamlike account and your social networks
  • And many other improvements!

The entire Streamlike team is at your disposal to guide you in getting started with this new version and to listen to you in order to pursue its continuous improvement

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