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Use case : The Morbihan Challenge StreamWatch

On the occasion of the Morbihan Challenge - a 3-stage regatta over 3 days in Morbihan - a method has been implemented to allow competitors to easily send videos from out at sea and post them automatically on the race website.

Comme les grands…

Like the big guys… 

The organisers’ objective was to draw inspiration, on a much smaller scale and with almost no budget, from what is done in major offshore races such as the Vendée Globe: the boats’ positions had to be monitored in real time and the competitors had to be able to send videos easily at specific times during the race. As the route remained close to the coast, it was possible to use the telephone network without the need for satellite. The Kwindoo application was chosen for position tracking. On the video side, instead of developing a specific application, Twitter was imposed on everyone. All you had to do was add the #morchall hashtag to its publication so that it would automatically be resumed on the race’s Twitter feed and StreamWatch would retrieve the video stream and display it in a wall: The videos were displayed on the video wall of the site.

76 séquences ont été envoyées durant la course, que l’on pouvait facilement classer par auteur (équipage) ou par lieu de prise de vue grâce à un hashtag complémentaire. Cela a permis dès l’arrivée de monter un résumé des images du bord qui donne une image fidèle de la course :76 sequences were sent during the race, which could easily be classified by author (crew) or by shooting location thanks to an additional hashtag. This made it possible to edit a clip based on onboard footage as soon as the finish line was crossed, which provided a very accurate and immersive view of the race:

In the end, social monitoring based on a hashtag made it possible to avoid the development of a specific application by using Twitter. The result is a kind of collaborative webTV powered by individual accounts. All those who so wished were able to contribute, without moderation – even if an a posteriori moderation could be carried out.

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