• APIs and webservices

    ... available to programmers who want their applications to communicate with Streamlike.

  • Webservices

    Designed for maximum frontend playback performance, they are the foundation of any webTV. Webservices tell everything about a playlist or the properties of audio or video media. Their use can be secured.

    The API

    Based on a REST architecture, it is intended for backend read or write actions, when security matters more than performance. Anything that can be done via the Streamlike console, such as adding, editing or deleting videos, can be done by a third-party application via the API.


    Before accessing the service, an application must call the API authorization URL and provide a login, a password and a certificate. If the authorization is accepted, a token is sent back, allowing access to the functions of the service. The client application can then query the API by referencing the token and thus access all the features of the Streamlike backend.

    Javascript API

    The Streamlike player also has an API that provides programmatic control over a media: playback, pause, playback speed, volume, jump to a timecode ...


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