• Let your live feeds, StreamOuts or videos do the talking

    StreamChat is an instant messenger to make live chat interactive, create discussion threads and reveal the opinions or questions most shared by your audience.

  • Simplicity, performance and security

    • StreamChat is simple to configure, integrate (iframe code), moderate and use
    • Several thousands of Internet users can simultaneously participate in a StreamChat
    • An administrator or moderator can intervene at any time to correct or delete comments, or ban users.
    • A moderator can choose the comments and questions to submit to the Internet users or to the show's speakers.
    • StreamChat rooms can be associated with true live streams or simulcasts (StreamOuts), or even recorded media (videos or audio podcasts).


    • Create, configure your project
    • Configure messages and options
    • Manage users and facilitators
    • Moderate very easily
    • Animate your rooms... or let the public choose their own subjects and questions.
    • Control everything from a single interface
    • Archive discussions


    • Customize StreamChat to your colors... and more
    • Copy and paste a code to integrate your StreamChat in a page, in a "responsive" way.
  • In conversational mode

    • Your Internet users talk to you or converse freely among themselves in the living room, under the supervision of a moderator.
    • All the discussion can be exported with its timestamp.

    In interactive mode

    • If the StreamChat is hosted, questions or comments must be validated to be visible to all.
    • Show participants can "like" the opinions they share or the questions they would like to see asked. The most liked opinions and questions will move to the top of the list.
    • A host can promote a question or opinion for submission to the show's speakers.
    • In a private StreamChat, each Internet user sees only his/her own contributions.
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