• Your media library, your image.

    Streamlike allows you to categorize and describe your media; Stream TV displays them in an online media library to your colors.
    Compose your channels. Make them available at any time, on all screens and all networks.

  • How much does it cost ?

    • StreamTV is royalty-free!

      Your Streamlike account entitles you to as many StreamTVs as you need.

    • Only its customization is invoiced, according to your requirements and specifications.

  • Creation

    Customize the interface to your colors and choose the options best suited for your needs :

    • Editorial highlighting, 
    • Sharing on social networks, 
    • Display of  the number of views,
    • etc.

    Choose your address and we will host your StreamTV.


    From your Streamlike account,

    • Submit media (audio or video),
    • Organize them by channels (categories),
    • Describe them, enrich them,
    • Choose what should be visible or not.

    The content of your StreamTV reflects at all times what you have chosen to make public


    • Categories and subcategories (channels / playlists),
    • Sort by date, views, ratings, votes, duration ...
    • Integrated search engine,
    • Highlighting content in a carousel and a home page,
    • Playback in classic or "mosaic" mode,
    • Management of public or private content (requiring authentication),
    • Activation of chapters, subtitles and interactive annotations,
    • Suggestion of associated media
    • Sharing on social networks.
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