• Invite your community to post videos

    StreamWall is like a single YouTube account operated by a group of contributors: company, association, subscribers to a service, spectators of an event, family ...

  • 1 - Launch the web App

    2 - Shoot and send your video

    3 - Watch it appear on the video wall

  • Concept

    • StreamWall offers a minimalist web interface accessible from all screens, so that authenticated users send videos accompanied by a title and a description.
    • Videos can be sent from a smartphone, tablet or computer, using the camera directly or by selecting a file. They are transmitted in their original quality.
    • The publication can be automatic and immediate or subject to the validation of a moderator.
    • As soon as it is validated, the video is "pinned" on a wall.
    • Application administrators can access source files, edit publications, view statistics, and organize videos to create webTVs.

    Examples of use

    • The public is invited to post their videos via StreamWall during an event (concert, competition, wedding ..). This will allow the production of a collaborative film offering multiple points of view of the same scenes.
    • Journalists and correspondents send their raw footage to their news desk, where it is assembled and edited. During the uploads, the field reporters can continue to film.
    • A franchise asks the managers of its points of sale to record customer testimonials about a new product.
    • A newspaper offers its readers to submit their classifieds as videos.
  • Give it a try: send a video and wait for it to appear on the wall. The shorter the video, the faster it will be processed. Only the last ten videos are kept visible.

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