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Adapting the broadcasting of a ceremony to the pandemic

Every year, Mediatech broadcasts the Yom HaShoah ceremony live. This year, with the health crisis and the ban on gatherings of people, the Paris Shoah Memorial has set up a StreamOut so that the reading of names can take place on April 20 as planned.

Each year, Mediatech provides live broadcasting of the Yom Hashoah ceremony, which is captured by Square Event. This ceremony, whose name means “Day of Remembrance for the Shoah and Heroism”, pays tribute to the Jewish deportees from France, whose names are read out continuously for 24 hours, in alphabetical order and convoy by convoy. As it takes 48 hours to read the full names of the 76,000 Jewish deportees from France, half of the list is read each year.

With the pandemic and the ban on gatherings of people, the ceremony that was to be held at the Shoah Memorial in Paris was naturally cancelled. The organizers therefore looked for a way to maintain the celebration to keep the memory of the deportees alive, without displacing the usual audience of Holocaust survivors and their families.

Since the ceremony is recorded at the same time as it is broadcast live, the Shoah Memorial had recordings from past years. It was then possible to assemble a sequence of readings corresponding to the program defined for this year, based on recent ceremonies. By broadcasting these recordings as if it were a live broadcast, the temporality of the ceremony is respected and families can know in advance when their relative’s name will be read.

In practice, the usual 24-hour structure had to be respected: A new introductory speech, the rebroadcast of name readings and the siren sounding at 9 am. The programming work was similar to composing a television air-playlist.

StreamOut is the technical solution chosen for a “simulcast” of the ceremony, starting on Monday, April 20 at 7 pm.

StreamOut will be associated with an application for displaying information on the deportees and will be integrated on a page detailing the reading times of each convoy.

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