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Discover « StreamOut »

StreamOut is similar to the programming of a television or radio channel: the air-playlist is broadcast according to a schedule and all viewers see and hear the same thing at the same time, whatever the device. No interaction is possible other than adjusting the volume or switching to full screen.

StreamOut is a « playout » solution, also known as « linear broadcasting ».

Some example of uses

  • Schedule the broadcast of a video as if it were live, even though it has been pre-recorded.
  • Broadcast a fake live program (« simulcast ») accompanied by a real live chat (like StreamChat for example)
  • Create a music loop for an internal web radio
  • Create a sequence of your marketing videos to animate the home page of your website
  • Create a television channel for display in your public reception areas
  • Offer several StreamOuts to choose from, with the possibility to play one in full screen (see below)

Click on a thumbnail to choose the StreamOut to display :


Streamlike TV


Canal Nada


StreamOut allows simultaneous broadcasting throughout the world, without any special equipment.

StreamOut does not offer the functionalities of an elaborate digital signage solution, but it is easy to develop enriched interfaces: addition of dynamic feeds (chat, news, weather and traffic maps, live tweeting, stock market prices, etc.), change of display zones for different content, overlays, etc…

The program can be modified at any time, with an immediate effect on broadcasting.

Once you have created the program schedule for a StreamOut, you can decide when it should start (in the future or in the past) and whether it should repeat in a loop. The broadcast times are calculated automatically.

A strict resynchronization of the broadcast can be imposed at each media change, to compensate for possible network latencies, if it is important that everyone receives the same program at exactly the same time. In this case, it is wise to insert a short interstitial between each media, which can be a simple freeze frame, a predefined image, a video jingle or a black screen.


A StreamOut is basically a video player. It can therefore be shared easily, for example on social networks or via a QR code. By displaying a QR Code next to a TV screen that broadcasts a StreamOut, a viewer can continue to play it on his phone.

Certain player configurations can be applied to a StreamOut.

For example,

  • The « fill browser » mode will allow black stripes-free playback regardless of the orientation of the videos being broadcast, even in full-screen mode.
  • You can display a logo, set its position and associate a redirection link to it.
  • You can display subtitles in a particular language, when available.
  • You can limit the broadcast quality, for example when displaying StreamOuts in small format. 
  • If you display several StreamOuts on the same page, you can adjust the audio level of each one.

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