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Case study: MyConnecting

Christophe Poulain is Digital Learning Manager at MyConnecting . We asked him about his use of Streamlike and his feedback on working with the Mediatech teams.

At MyConnecting, I hold the position of Digital Learning Manager, a role which means that I’m responsible for, among other things, everything to do with asynchronous activities, be they videos, scormed modules, podcasts or other educational activities, in a company whose mission is to transform people’s lives through competence.

Our cooperation with Streamlike began a year and a half ago. Knowing that we have a huge amount of tutorials available in office automation, it became clear that the best way for us to deliver this content to our customers was via streaming, for greater simplicity. We immediately thought of Streamlike, which is particularly well known in this field. The workflow is very simple: between producing the videos and delivering them to our customers, we have designed playlists which we then integrate into our LMS. Our customers therefore go through our LMS and have transparent access to the content hosted on Streamlike.

Our usage has evolved, and we were accompanied in this direction. Until then, Streamlike had never received this type of request from its customers, i.e. to make available the reading sheets that make up a course in an LMS. As a result, we talked to Streamlike’s sales and technical teams, and following this briefing, Streamlike was able to deliver a technical solution corresponding to our specific needs.

“The way I perceive Streamlike can perhaps be summed up in the form of responsiveness, understanding of needs and availability.”

Christophe Poulain, MyConnecting

What we expect from Streamlike is to be able to offer easy-to-use, ergonomic resources, and technical teams who support us when we have developments to make.

In my opinion, what best describes Streamlike is its responsiveness to any development requests we may have. And so far, Streamlike has been very responsive to all our requests. Our relations with the customer teams are very good. On several occasions, we have had to carry out different developments, as our environment is a little specific. We have asked Streamlike to integrate directly into our LMS, which was done very quickly in two weeks.

If I had to talk about Streamlike to someone who didn’t know it, I’d say first and foremost that it’s a responsive, responsible company that’s always available to meet our special requests. Listening to its customers, that’s what you expect from a service company.”

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