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Case study : Lyra

Lyra is a major player in the development of B2B payment solutions. Our interview with Aurélie Tible, Lyra's Marketing Director, sheds light on the reasons for choosing Streamlike, and explores how the relationship has evolved over time.

Interview with Aurélie Tible, Lyra Marketing Director

What does Lyra do?

“We develop payment solutions for e-commerce and local payments. And so, we cater exclusively to a B2B target.”

(Lyra website)

Why did you choose Streamlike?

“We needed a video hosting solution that was for internal use. We wanted to have control and be able to give visibility of these videos on certain media to certain people. Streamlike seemed to us to be the most accomplished solution in terms of accessibility rights, and it was French, which weighed heavily in our choice. We prefer French solutions, because we develop everything in France, even though we work internationally. This was an important point for us.”

Use in B2B communications

“We’re making videos available to demonstrate our products. We’ll also be making available replays of webinars that are intended solely for our customers. We’ll also be posting tutorials on how to use our tools and services.

It’s a way for us to preserve the strategic nature of certain information.”

An internal communication tool

“We’re going to record and give access to internal training courses, internal conferences by our employees which can be on very different subjects and on which new employees will be able to go and see the replays.

Every year, we organize a major event that brings together over 450 employees worldwide. We use the platform to broadcast the three-hour conference live to all our subsidiaries.

This enables us to connect our employees around the world and maintain a sense of belonging to the company.”

Evolving uses.

“Streamlike’s use has evolved a lot over the years, since at the start it was really primarily for hosting demonstration videos. However, we’ve discovered other features over time that have enriched our usage.”

Committed to responsible digital

“Their commitment to responsible digital was not an initial selection criterion, since we had already chosen them before they developed this dimension. However, it does reinforce our satisfaction as a customer, as it reflects our own values of social and environmental responsibility.”

Our customers recommend us…

“It’s people who are very attentive, who listen to their customers, who try to evolve as they go along, and not on mass or trends. It’s important to have a partner who understands our specific needs and is genuinely committed to meeting them.”

Streamlike in 3 words?

To characterize Streamlike, I’d say responsiveness, simplicity of use and relationship.

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