We called it StreamWatch

The change in X's (ex-Twitter) pricing policy forced us, like many other publishers, to discontinue a service whose cost had become exorbitant.

Among all the services we’ve developed whose names begin with “Stream”, we were quite proud of a somewhat “gimmicky” “social watch” tool that monitored keywords or hashtags or author names on X / Twitter. Whenever a video matched a query, it was retrieved with all its metadata and automatically assigned to playlists or tags in the Streamlike organization.

In 2019, we had used StreamWatch to compile New Year’s greetings videos.

Several customers used StreamWatch to track what was being published about their company or industry.

But here’s the thing. Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the platform turned X is looking for profitability as quickly as possible. A service that was previously free and unlimited now costs $5,000 a month, with limitations. It’s obviously out of the question to pay such a high price for a “gadget”, or to charge it back to customers who only use it occasionally.

StreamWatch has disappeared from our catalog of services, but there are alternatives for certain applications that we had imagined. For example, in 2019, the Morbihan Challenge used StreamWatch to collect videos from race participants. The following year, a simple webApp did the same job without the need for a Twitter account.

Note that there are also more ethical and less controversial alternatives to X/Twitter.

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