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Optional services

Optional features do not usually appear in menus unless they have been subscribed to. Here is a list of optional services integrated into the Streamlike console, as well as external managed services.

Basic services 


StreamOut allows you to create program sequences that are broadcast synchronously, in false live mode (simulcast). Streamout can be used as a digital signage solution.

All accounts can create StreamOuts, but the service must have been enabled by an administrator in company preferences.

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StreamAPI refers to all the tools available to webmasters, developers and integrators. They are accessible to any user with a Streamlike account. A key is required for the API and can be obtained by an account administrator.

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Optional services 

Speech to text transcription 

Voice recognition retranscription automatically subtitles a video, produces subtitles translated into a target language and generates a textual transcription. Interpretation quality is very high, but corrections are sometimes necessary (proper names, acronyms, etc.) using the subtitle editor.

For automatic transcription to appear in grouped actions, the service must have been activated by an administrator in the company preferences.

The cost of automatic transcription is indexed to the catalog size that has been subscribed.


Documentation for this service is available in the Streamlike console, even if you haven’t yet subscribed.

Pricing is based on the duration of activation of the live streaming servers, bearing in mind that these servers are only activated for the duration of a retransmission and switched off afterwards, for reasons of energy efficiency. Rates are degressive according to the volume of hours subscribed.

The volume of data broadcast live is included in the classic “data transfer pack” (VOD / replay). There is therefore no specific billing for live data transfer.

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The documentation for this service is available in the Streamlike console even if you haven’t subscribed to it.

Hibernation is invoiced on the basis of the average annual storage volume and the total volume of data transferred for media recovery. Both are expressed in gigabytes (GB). Packs are priced on a sliding scale according to the hibernation and de-hibernation volumes subscribed.

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Managed services 

StreamTV and StreamApps 

StreamTV is a front-end interface for displaying media content in a highly customizable and configurable media library. It is a managed service in the sense that it is hosted, supervised and maintained by Streamlike. It can be connected to a domain or integrated as an iframe into a site page.

StreamTV content is organized from the Streamlike console, which acts as a CMS. Numerous functions are available for sorting, filtering or searching content, managing access to private content, SSO connection to a directory, commenting, integrating live broadcasts, etc.

StreamApps are generally simpler interfaces than StreamTV, organized around a single media or playlist. For example, a StreamApp is a secure page giving access to a live stream or a StreamOut, combined with a chat or voting module. It can also be a responsive video gallery to be integrated into a page.

An administration interface for StreamTVs and StreamApps is available for customers who wish to be autonomous in configuring their interfaces.

The cost of a StreamTV or StreamApp has two components:

  • configuration and customization, billed on a time-spent basis
  • a subscription, which covers licensing, hosting, supervision and ongoing maintenance.

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StreamChat is an instant messaging tool for making live streams interactive, creating discussion threads and gathering opinions or questions from an audience. A StreamChat is integrated as an iframe next to a player that broadcasts a real or fake live stream (Streamlive or StreamOut).

An administration interface lets you configure and moderate chats.

Pricing for StreamChat depends on the expected audience size, with a sliding scale based on the annual volume ordered. Initial training is provided free of charge.

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StreamNote is a collaborative video annotation tool designed to collect comments on a program in production.

Pricing is annual and flat-rate, regardless of the number of users and projects.

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StreamTube is a collaborative video platform or “social-tv”. It’s a kind of private YouTube, enabling an organization’s employees to publish, rate, comment on and share videos under the organization’s own control.

Each StreamTube implementation has a different set of specifications, which has an impact on its “build” cost. Similarly, the annual operating cost (“run”) will depend on the infrastructure implemented.

The total cost of a StreamTube includes an investment in development, the cost of running the infrastructure, and platform costs (catalog and data transfer packs).

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StreamCloud is a Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS). It’s a private Streamlike platform built on a public Cloud according to your specifications, security requirements and expected service level, including all Streamlike services, APIs and applications.

The cost of construction (“build”) depends on your specifications. The annual operating cost (“run”) will depend on the infrastructure implemented.

The total cost of a StreamCloud includes an investment in the build and the cost of managing the service (hosting, maintenance and supervision). Platform costs are paid directly to the Cloud platform: there are no catalog or transfer packs to subscribe to with Streamlike.

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Streamailer is a solution for sending personalized e-mails enriched with videos. Mails are centered on a main media (webcam recording, video, audio, live or Streamout), to which other media can be associated. All of this is organized in a customizable page.

Streamailer is a free feature, accessible from a specific address ( with Streamlike account credentials. Documentation is integrated into the application.

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