How do I get started in video peer-to-peer training?

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Professional training today poses many challenges: creation and logistics costs for face-to-face training, complexity of implementation with the health crisis (teleworking, distance learning, travel). It is nevertheless necessary, especially for newcomers who need to be trained on their job and on the company's tools.

There is a simple solution: peer-to-peer training.

This type of training is becoming more and more widespread and can be defined as learning between individuals in the same group, often between colleagues within a company. It is a very effective way to share knowledge. And this transmission of information can be sustained when the training is thought in pre-recorded video.

How can the use of peer-to-peer training be encouraged?

Despite its many advantages, many companies are still reluctant to adopt this type of training. Here are a few tips to help you implement peer-to-peer training in your company:

  • Explain the benefits of such training: Employees generally learn best from each other and in a context of direct use of skills. This type of training is easy to implement and inexpensive, and it facilitates the integration of learners into their team .
  • Identify good practices in peer-to-peer training: create a trusting environment in which learners can exchange and ask questions in a caring manner at any time.
  • Choose the best trainers among your staff according to their skills and their potential to transmit: the quality of the training will mainly depend on these choices!
  • Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from learners! Learners' opinions and feedback are necessary to evaluate the quality of the training courses and their contents. It is an essential step to improve peer learning.

All employees with a skill are potential trainers.

Video: the key format for peer-to-peer training

Whether the digitalization of training courses is an economic choice or a necessity due to health measures, video is a great tool to document the knowledge and know-how of the company and facilitate the creation and dissemination of your training courses. This format favors employee learning because it allows them to follow training at the right time (when the need has been detected by the manager or when the need is felt).

Video also has advantages for the manager. Indeed, having ready-made training videos at hand allows for immediate and effective training: no group sessions to organize or trainers to find. This saves time, productivity and budget.

It can also be a complement to your face-to-face training, an opportunity for your employees to deepen and complete their knowledge at their own pace, recommended by the training organizations themselves.

The creation and sharing of these training videos can be made easier with the right tools, even if you or your collaborators do not have any particular video skills.

To create your training videos, we recommend, for example, the Kannelle application, which offers a library of scenarios for inspiration and help with video capture. The app integrates an automated editing that applies your company's graphic charter. In just 15 minutes, you can create a training video worthy of a pro!


Here's how:

Next, because it is important to be able to centralize, organize and leverage the capital represented by your employees' contributions, you can deploy simple solutions proposed by Streamlike for collecting and organizing your media.

Take for example the case of "onboarding" employees at a point of sale and training in managing "difficult" customers. Your new employees will be able to :

  • view training videos or best practices posted by other talented employees on your company's WebTV, by selecting them from categories or using keywords: StreamTV
  • ask their questions in video on your video platform and get answers - always in video - from other colleagues, in asynchronous mode and in public or private mode
  • comment, discuss, interact on your company's collaborative video platform, around knowledge sharing videos. In return, they can receive opinions and assessments that will allow you to identify pedagogical, managerial or communication talents: StreamTube

The possibilities are numerous, only your imagination is the limit!

You now have all the keys in hand to get started and entrust your employees to train each other!

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