• Create a watch on Twitter videos

    Monitor and archive what is being broadcast about your brand, industry, competitors... or a hashtag.

  • Integrated social watch

    From the Streamlike console, create watches on videos posted on Twitter, referring to specific keywords, hashtags or authors.


    Videos that meet these criteria are automatically imported into your Streamlike account and indexed.

    Use case

    Monitor everything that is "Tweeted" about a current topic, your industry, your company, your competitors, etc...


    For a business event, a trade fair, a contest, create a hashtag and ask participants to quote it in their video posts. All the videos will be gathered in the same playlist. You may choose to display them in a video wall as they arrive. All the video sources will be at your disposal to create a montage that summarizes the event from several angles...

  • Use Twitter as a video collection tool

    Why impose a proprietary application and manage user accounts when a simple and widely distributed solution like Twitter allows you to send videos from your account, from any connected device?

    For a video contest, to report on a news item, to ask a question in video, to share a customer's testimony, to post a classified ad...

    StreamWatch is the easiest way to upload videos to your media library.

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