what you may have missed about Streamlike

What you may have missed

At Streamlike, we're not great communicators. We work hard but we communicate little 😉 That's why we thought it would be interesting to highlight some new products, recent features and best practices that you may have missed.

The Streamlike mobile app for iOS and Android. 

This is a free app that lets you send videos from your phone or tablet to your Streamlike account.

The application is described on our blog. It can be installed from these links:

It’s up to you to invent the uses for it!

If you have very specific uses in mind, or would like a customized version of the application, please contact us.

Plugins for WordPress and Drupal and oEmbed integration

If you’re using WordPress or Drupal as your site editor (CMS), there’s now a simple way to integrate your Streamlike videos, with no HTML code to copy/paste. Just install the plugin and paste the video URL to display it in a responsive manner.

For other applications like Moodle, it’s just as easy. Install the oEmbed filter and your Streamlike videos will automatically integrate when you publish their URL.

To find out how, follow these links, which give you instructions for WordPress, Drupal or Moodle.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) is a technical mechanism for accessing multiple applications with a single authentication. For example, anyone connected to your company’s internal network could directly access the Streamlike console to publish content, or be recognized on a webTV that offers personalized content.

This authentication uses the SAML protocol. If you’d like to set it up to connect an internal directory to a Streamlike application, contact us.

Two original applications :


StreamOut looks like a live broadcast… without the risks. 

StreamOut allows you to present a pre-recorded webinar as a mock-direct, broadcast an announcement to all your employees, create a program to be broadcast simultaneously to all your establishments… or create a webradio station.

In your Streamlike console, click on the StreamOut button in the left-hand menu and get started. 

StreamOut is a free service, available to all customers. A StreamOut is published with its URL, just like a video or Streamlive. Operation is simple and straightforward. It is explained in the online documentation.


Hibernation is the “cold” storage of large media files, with the generation of download links.

It’s a more economical alternative to high-availability storage or archiving, when the media doesn’t need to be available online. Hibernation can be used, for example, to store rushes from a shoot for reuse in future projects. It can also be used to preserve media sources for legal purposes.

It’s also an alternative to WeTransfer, with the ability to select media to be retrieved or transmitted (by description, tags, playlists, keywords, author…). Secure, ephemeral download links can be sent by e-mail.

A little-known feature: Interactions

In the “Appearance” widget, you probably know how to change the cover image of a video. You know what chapters and subtitles are, but have you ever created interactions? These are annotations that you can position in time and space (of the video player), serving 3 main functions: 

  • display original titles in several languages without having to embed them in the video. This allows you to modify them very easily
  • create buttons that open external links, either in the same place or in a new tab
  • create buttons that allow you to move around the video, stopping at a chosen point or continuing playback.

With interactions, you can position text anywhere in the video, for example in tutorials. You can create the equivalent of DVD menus. You can create interactive videos with visible or invisible buttons that move you through the video or launch a new video. The uses are endless!

So you don’t miss a thing

We’ve redesigned our site, and in particular our blog. 

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